Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Happy 5th Birthday Mik2!!!!

Halo sorry for being so late in writing this post for your birthday. It’s your 5th birthday!! Now, I need to use all the fingers in 1 hand to show your age. I hope you enjoyed the cake that mama baked for you on your birthday, if you don’t like it please at least pretend that you like it or you know your mom...^_^.
You already learned how to read simple words, to do simple math and obviously to debate which little ponnies or shopkins you think is the coolest. Yeah, I tried to reduce your TV time, coz I don’t want you to get lazy and just sitting around watching cartoon all the time. I want you to play do you will find what you like and are passionate about.
I am impressed by your piano play, your tenacity to win, your gentle heart, your curiosity about animals and planets, your creativity to make up reasons why we parents shouldn’t blame you for bad things that you have done ^_^. For the last part, ssttt...I think you got it from your mom!
We are now worried about the half blackened nail that you have. It is noticably growing and we are already taking you to dermatologists, well, so far they say it is nothing serious, but we can’t help it but being constantly worried. We plan to seek for another opinion on that..pray so that nothing serious about that nail.
I love you so much..very very very very little angle of light. May you grow to know God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Happy First Birthday Cupy!!!!

Happy first Birthday my lovely Cupy!!! You are such a blessing to all of us. I lose count on how many times you make me laugh or gueeemmeeesss. Your chubbiness is impossible not to be pinched.

My prayer for you, my lovely daughter is actually inscribed in your name Sofia Amaris Suteja. We named you Sofia because, well, your sister was into the cartoon Sofia The First and she insisted to name you Sofia (lucky you, because not long after that she was into dinosaur and didn’t insist to change your name to T-rex or something), but...I agreed..because Sofia means wisdom. That’s my first prayer for you, be a woman of wisdom, who is able use reason and knowledge correctly.
Amaris means faith to God. To remind you, who you are, whom you belong to, and who you can count on and hope for. Your walk will be guided by His light, through the dark time, know that you are not alone. While I promise to protect and to love you as long as I live, but I also know I won’t be around you forever. But God The Trinity will.
Your faith shall not be blind faith, but it is faith that is based on ratio and relationship with God. Be ready to give answer when people ask you about your hope, do it gently and with reverence.

I love you so much, and not only me, mom, Ce Mika, Ama, Akong, Ngiama and Ngiaung all love you unconditionally. Don’t grow up too fast please..your Cie Cie is already hard to catch when I want to hug and kiss her!!